Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Hourglass Principal ⏳

Onegai shimasu (おねがい します)  🙇

I’ve told this to my students from experience in myself  and colleagues. I call it “The Hourglass Principal”. When you start in whatever, the choices are endless. The goal appears to be across a massive gulf. Eventually, things get easier. Then, it gets really tough, even though you know how and what to navigate. Eventually, after the toughest part passes, things get easier. Then the options seem endless, and you begin to flounder because there are too many options. You may even overdo things. The same can be said in buisness

When I was in the game industry I did my best to not encounter this by testing the items I made and asking other people to look at my tests to make sure I stopped at some point. I rely on others to double check me in order to not work on something forever. I also watch others in their efforts getting through their hourglass. This will help develope knowing what is “good enough”.

It takes a great deal of time to develope the skills to know when to stop. It also takes patience as you will mess up.

And that’s ok, so long as you learn.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Respect is Earned 😇

Onegai shimasu (おねがい します)  🙇

Just because someone has been in the industry a long time does not mean they deserve respect. Respect must be eared (and given). Treating coworkers like garbage will only get you so far, and word travels fast.

I've known art/creative directors who think they are the top shit and expect to be revered. Even worshiped. I've seen people looking for their first jobs melting down into fanboys/fangirls when they meet the industry folks they revere. I’ve known junior artist, who happen to have good talent, expect to be respected and worshiped. Some of these folks (junior and senior) can't even do the simplest art tasks. Especially for what they are demanding from others.

It's wise, from the onset, to treat each other with grace and dignity. Don't get me wrong, Its alright to admire someone, especially if that person is your senior. So long as there is a mutual exchange of respect. Mutual respect goes a very long way.